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Timepath offers a range of free online timeline templates to easily build and customize your timeline. Create a horizontal or vertical timeline in minutes with our free timeline templates. Timepath has all the timeline templates you need to build beautiful timelines.

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Classic Horizontal Timeline

Rediscover the art of storytelling with our Classic Horizontal Timeline. Capturing the essence of traditional timelines, this layout provides a straightforward, chronological exploration of events. Its timeless design integrates seamlessly with any website, offering a familiar yet refined user experience. Perfect for historical overviews or project milestones.

Classic Vertical Timeline

Dive into history with our Classic Vertical Timeline. This template brings a vintage charm to your narratives, arranging events in a simple, vertical sequence. Ideal for educational content, biographies, or company histories, it offers an intuitive scroll-through experience. Customize it to match your site for an elegant, informative presentation.

Modern Horizontal Timeline

Experience a contemporary twist on storytelling with our Modern Horizontal Timeline. Designed for dynamic display, it allows seamless navigation through events in a visually engaging, horizontal layout. Activate Dark Mode for a sophisticated look, and easily integrate this timeline into your website to captivate your audience.

Modern Vertical Timeline

Elevate your narrative with our Modern Vertical Timeline. This template offers a sleek, vertical flow that guides viewers through your story effortlessly. Its responsive design adapts to different devices, ensuring a perfect viewing experience. With customizable themes, including Dark Mode, it's an ideal choice for a polished, professional presentation.