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Timepath is the free online timeline tool for students to build beautiful timelines. Whether it's exploring a subject, delving into a specific topic, or profiling an influential person, Timepath transforms lessons into dynamic experiences, making education both enjoyable and impactful.

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History timeline maker

History timeline maker

Timepath is the ultimate online history timeline maker. Students can create beautiful timelines about a subject, a personal or a topic. Whether you are history student, journalist student or any other student with Timepath you can make your lessons fun and interactive. You can even do fun quizzes with our history timeline tool.

Easily customize timelines

With Timepath students can customize fonts and colors so it matches their style. They can choose different timeline templates that fit their needs. We have templates for history timelines and personal timelines.

How to build a beautiful timeline

The birth of Timepath

Timepath was born from a simple yet powerful mission: to revolutionize timeline creation by making it efficient and universally accessible. Fueled by the belief that everyone should have the tools to express their stories visually, the platform is designed to be both user-friendly and free of charge.

Frido van Driem

Creator of Timepath
Jolanda Vogelaar
Jolanda Vogelaar
Journalist DPG Media
Timepath timeline maker meets a need we already had: a tool that allows you to quickly and user-friendly create beautiful, clear timelines. Timelines lead to an increase in the engagement rate, and visitors spend more time reading our articles.
Dennis van Luling
Dennis van Luling
Chief Editor RTL Nieuws
As the chief editor of RTL Nieuws, I can confidently say that with Timepath liveblogging, we're able to provide real-time updates to our readers as events unfold, keeping them informed and engaged like never before.
Laura Coppens
Laura Coppens
Online content specialist
We just celebrated our 25 year anniversary of our company. With Timepath we were able to create a beautiful timeline about our company history and share our achievements. The tool is quick and easy to use!

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