Overview of all the features Timepath has to offer.

Embed timeline

With Timepath you can easily embed your timeline on any website. Simply code paste the iFrame code and place it into your website. It works the same as embedding a youtube movie. The good part is that all the changes you make in your editor are automatically updated in your embedded timeline. This means you do not need to replace your iFrame code.

Customize timeline

Timepath has a powerful customize editor where you can fully customize your timeline. Change the color of your timeline, fonts and even date options. All tools to make sure your timeline will match your brand or style.

Dark Mode

Allow your readers to view your Timepath in Dark Mode. You can active Dark Mode on any Timepath you like and also active this function when embedding your Timepath on your website. Making sure that your Dark Mode on your website aligns with the Dark Mode of Timepath.

Reverse timeline

By default your Timepath is ascending meaning that the oldest dates are at the start of your timeline and the latest at the end. With Timepath reverse mode you can change this order of dates to descending. Allow your readers to view the latest event first

Edit together

With our collaborate feature you are able to invite people and let them view and edit your timeline. You can invite multiple people to your timeline. In your profile dashboard you can view the timelines you have shared and also control how has access.

Vertical timeline

By default your Timepath will be displayed in a hortizontal mode. This will make sure that your readers will swipe through your story instead of scrollling. If you simply want to create an overview about events you can enable the vertical timeline mode. Readers will be able to view your Timepath in one overview and scroll through all events.

Suggest events

Readers viewing your Timepath can suggest adding content to your timeline. You will be notified and can then accept or decline the content suggestion. This allows you to build interesting timelines together with your community. You can activate the suggest feature per timeline.


Activate autoplay for your Timepath so your timeline will automatically start swiping when the timeline is loaded.

Image upload

Easily upload any image from your computer or phone to Timepath. This feature is perfect for building a personal timeline with beautiful pictures

Import any media

Timepath has multiple media imports so you can add your favorite content from your social media platforms. Currently Timepath supports adding posts from Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Spotify. We are constantly looking for new media to add to our editor.

Website card preview

Display a preview of a website or link you want your readers to view. The website card preview will display an image, header and description of the website you add.


Connect you Google Analytics with Timepath and analyse how your readers are viewing your timeline. Currently you are able to retrieve data about the number of timelines your Timepath has been displayed, which events have been read and the completion rate of viewing your timeline

Integrate Ads

For publishers we have developed the possiblity to integrate their advertisement technology in Timepath. Per event you are able to determine whether you want to display Ads. Please note that this is an Enterprise feature only and you must contact Timepath if you want to active this feature.


Timepath offers a range of free online timeline templates to easily build and customize your timeline. Create a horizontal or vertical timeline in minutes with our free timeline templates. Timepath has all the timeline templates you need to build beautiful timelines.