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Create professional timelines and live blogs for your website within minutes, using our simple and intuitive no-code timeline maker and Live Blog software. Bring your message to life and immerse your readers in interactive content they can’t get enough of.

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Create your own timelines and liveblogs on your website in just a few clicks

Whether you are a journalist looking for a liveblog software to cover a breaking news story or a content marketer wanting to showcase your brand's history with our timeline maker, Timepath has you covered. Our easy-to-use and no-code platform allows you to build, customise and embed timelines and liveblogs with just a few clicks.

Timeline maker

Timepath is the ultimate timeline maker for creating beautiful timelines on your website and in news articles. Our online timeline creator offers an easy and efficient way to showcase your story, history, or project in a captivating timeline within minutes. Without the need for programming language, you can focus on conveying your message.

The features of our Timeline Maker

Unlock the Full Potential of Our Timeline Maker. Explore the versatile features:

  • Create interactive timelines without coding
  • Add your own images and videos
  • Let ChatGPT generate the text for your timeline
  • Embed your personalized timelines on your website or social media profile
  • Choose from various templates in our timeline generator
  • Collaborate with multiple people on your timeline

Live Blog software

With our Live Blog software, you can quickly create engaging live blogs that keep your audience accurately informed. Use Timepath for real-time updates and live reporting on events, news, sports, and more. Our user-friendly tool presents your information in a beautiful, clear and organized manner, allowing you to fully concentrate on the latest news.

The features of our Live Blog software

Experience the Power of Real-Time Storytelling. Discover the diverse functionalities:

  • Craft engaging live updates effortlessly, no coding required.
  • Enrich your stories with enriched media and images
  • Harness the creativity of ChatGPT to craft compelling narratives for your live blog.
  • Seamlessly integrate your live blogs into your website with our embed options
  • Select from a variety of customizable templates tailored for liveblogging.
  • Collaborate in real-time with team members, enhancing your liveblogging experience.

What people say

Dennis van Luling
Dennis van Luling
Chief Editor RTL Nieuws
As the chief editor of RTL Nieuws, I can confidently say that with Timepath liveblogging, we're able to provide real-time updates to our readers as events unfold, keeping them informed and engaged like never before.
Laura Coppens
Laura Coppens
Online content specialist
We just celebrated our 25 year anniversary of our company. With Timepath we were able to create a beautiful timeline about our company history and share our achievements. The tool is quick and easy to use!
Marc Stubbé
Marc Stubbé
CEO AfricaMediaPro
For our news websites we use Timepath to enrich our articles and inform our readers. Our editors and journalists love working with Timepath. They are able to build, customize and embed timelines in minutes.

Templates to kickstart your timeline or live blog

Timepath provides you access to pre-madetemplates to help you get started quickly, even if you lack technical skills. These no-code templates save you time and effort, particularly if you are new to crafting timelines or live blogs. Draw inspiration from the extensive range of templates and bring your story to life.

The ultimate timeline and live blog creator

At Timepath, we understand the importance of no-code solutions when it comes to content creation. That's why our platform is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, allowing you to create compelling timelines and live blogs without the need for technical expertise.

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Frequently asked questions

Discover commonly asked questions regarding timelines and live blogs with Timepath below. If there are any questions we may have overlooked, please let us know.

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