Timepath offers a range of products to help you create, customize and share timeline stories. From building your custom timeline with our timeline maker to automatically generating timelines with our timeline builder.


Timeline maker

Timepath is the first no-code tool to build beautiful timelines for your website or articles. With our timeline maker everyone can build, customize and embed a beautiful timeline into an article or website page.

Liveblog software

For newswebsites the liveblog timeline helps you to inform your readers what is happening every minute. As your story develops you can add new events to the timeline which are instantly visible for your readers. With our advanced liveblog timeline you can include tweets, images, video's and even graphs to inform your readers. You can even mark which events are important.


Timeline generator

COMING SOON...With our timeline generator you can quickly generate a timeline in seconds. Based on the topic you enter, Timepath will search for public content and suggest events to add to your timeline. You can even specify which source our Timepath builder needs to use when fetching events.