Wordpress Integration

Integrating a dynamic and visually engaging timeline into your WordPress website has never been easier, thanks to the Timepath plugin for WordPress. This seamless integration allows you to effortlessly incorporate interactive timelines into your site, enhancing the way you share project timelines, historical events, or any sequential content with your audience.

Wordpress integration Timepath

Create beautiful timelines stories with Timepath

Timepath is the ultimate timeline maker and live blog tool for creating, managing, and sharing beautiful interactive timelines. Whether you're a history buff, news publisher, educator, student, or content creator, Timepath helps you visualize chronological stories and events, making them interactive and engaging. By simplifying the process of timeline creation, Timepath allows users to focus on storytelling and data presentation without the need for complex design or programming skills.

Why use Timepath for your WordPress Site?

When creating and embedding an interactive timeline built with Timepath, WordPress website owners can offer their site visitors a captivating way to visualize the story they want to tell, directly within the webpage context. This not only boosts engagement but also provides a visually appealing element to complement the textual content, making complex information easier to understand and follow. 

Timepath offers a range of useful features to effortlessly create and customize your timelines. This makes it the go-to tool for a variety of different users, such as: 

  • Educators, Students, and Researchers: Provide and create enhanced learning experiences by visualizing historical events, research findings, school projects, or other educational content, making it easier to grasp complex subjects.

  • Content Creators, Publishers, and Bloggers: Engaging audiences with interactive storytelling elements that enrich narratives and encourage exploration of content in a novel way.

  • Businesses: Create engaging company profiles and “about us” pages, or visualize project timelines. 

WordPress website owners can keep track of how users are engaging with their Timeline through our Timeline Analytics panel. Learn about the features of Timepath.

How to Embed a Timepath Timeline on your WordPress site

Embedding a Timepath timeline into a WordPress site is incredibly easy and can be done in just a few steps:

Four steps to create and embed your timeline on a WordPress Site. 

  1. Create Your Timeline: Use Timepath to create your timeline, adding all relevant events, images, and descriptions. 

  2. Get the Embed Code: Once your timeline is ready, Timepath will generate an embed code specifically for your timeline. 

  3. Paste the Code into WordPress: Edit the page or post where you want the timeline to appear in WordPress. Switch to the 'Text' editor mode and paste the embed code where you'd like the timeline to display.

  4. Preview and Publish: Preview your page or post to ensure the timeline appears as expected. Once satisfied, publish or update your content and your interactive timeline will be live on your WordPress site.

Learn more about how to create a timeline and how to embed a timeline on your website

Coming soon: WordPress plugin

To further enhance your experience with Timepath, we’re working on fully integrating our beautiful timeline and liveblog maker into WordPress.