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Timepath was founded by Frido and Arjen who both had passion for creating digital products. The idea originated in 2015 when the founder was visiting Palo Alto and was writing a blogpost about entrepreneurs in the valley. He wanted to build timelines about these entrepreneurs to inspire others but he discovered that there was no easy tools online to build, customize and embed timelines. Timepath was born.

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how to build a timeline with TimepathEnrich your about page with a beautiful timeline and share your achievements

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Every company has a story to tell. From when it was founded to all the great achievements. Timepath is the perfect tool to tell your company story and embed it on your 'about' page. You can choose different templates to meet your preferences and customize fonts and colors so it will blend in with your company website.

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Our company timeline tool is easy to use and you can customize fonts and colors so it blends in with your website design. You can choose different timeline templates that fit your needs. We have horizontal timeline templates and vertical timeline templates. Anything you need to match your brand and style.

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Customize your timeline so it blends in with your website design

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Our online timeline maker is used by publishers, businesses and universities across the world. Of course you can always use our timeline generator for personal and career use ✌️

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"We just celebrated our 25 year anniversary of our company. With Timepath we were able to tell our company story and share our achievements. The tool was quick and easy to use!"

Laura Coppens - Online content specialist

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