How to Create a Timeline Collection with Timepath

Learn how to create interactive and engaging Timeline Collections with Timepath. Discover the simple steps to organize your articles into beautiful timelines, use our automatic import tool, and publish them effortlessly on your website.

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What is a Timeline Collection?

A Timeline Collection is a feature provided by Timepath that allows publishers and journalists to create interactive, chronological timelines from a collection of articles about a specific topic. These collections enhance storytelling by visually organizing articles in a timeline format, making it easier for readers to follow the progression of events and understand complex topics.

How It Works

Creating a Timeline Collection with Timepath is straightforward. Simply copy and paste the link to your article into the Timepath interface, and our system will automatically generate a beautiful event in your timeline collection. The system extracts key elements such as dates, titles, body texts, and images from the article, organizing them into a visually appealing and interactive timeline.

Automatic Import Tool

Timepath also offers an automatic import tool that can bulk import articles based on certain criteria such as topic, tag, or target link. This tool simplifies the process of creating comprehensive timeline collections by gathering all relevant articles for you. Just set your desired parameters, and Timepath will handle the rest, pulling in articles that fit your specified criteria and adding them to your timeline collection.

Displaying Various Types of Articles

A Timeline Collection can include both video articles and normal text articles. This versatility allows you to create rich, engaging timelines that cater to different types of content, enhancing the storytelling experience for your readers. Whether it's a breaking news video or an in-depth written analysis, all types of articles can be seamlessly integrated into your timeline collection.

Publishing Your Timeline Collection

Once your timeline collection is ready, publishing it on your website is as simple as copying and pasting an iframe code into your Content Management System (CMS). Timepath provides the necessary embed code that you can easily insert into your website's HTML. This embed code will display the interactive timeline collection directly on your site, allowing your readers to enjoy the enhanced storytelling experience.

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Timeline Collection

1. Access Timepath workspace:

Log in to your Timepath workspace and navigate to the Collections. Click on 'create collection'.

2. Add Articles:

In the collection editor, copy and paste the link to your article into the Timepath interface. The system will automatically extract key elements and generate an event in the timeline.

3. Bulk Import Articles:

Use the automatic import tool to bulk import articles based on your specified criteria such as topic, tag, or target link.

4. Customize Your Timeline:

Arrange and customize the events in your timeline to ensure they are in the desired order and format.

5. Generate Embed Code :

Once your timeline is complete, generate the iframe embed code from Timepath.

6. Publish on Your Website:

Copy the iframe code and paste it into your CMS to embed the timeline collection on your site.

By following these simple steps, you can create and publish engaging, interactive timeline collections that will captivate your readers and provide a deeper understanding of the topics you cover.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact our support team.