Frequently Asked Questions

Below you find frequently asked questions about timelines and liveblogs with Timepath. Did we forget any questions, please let us know.

1. How to create a timeline?

2. How to add events to my timeline?

3. How to add a image to my event?

4. How to add a tweet to my timeline?

5. How to add a header image to my timeline?

6. How to embed a timeline?

Want to learn more about embedding a timeline, read our how to embed timeline blog post.

7. Can I collaborate with my team members on a timeline or liveblog?

Yes, our timeline and liveblog tool allows you to collaborate with your team members in real-time, making it easy to create and manage your content together.

8. Are timelines and liveblogs mobile-friendly?

Yes, most timeline and liveblog tools are designed to be responsive, so your content will look great on desktop and mobile devices alike.