February 4, 2024

How to Create a Photo Timeline Using Timepath

Add Photos to Your Timeline with Timepaths' Timeline Maker

Are you looking to create a beautiful timeline of your wedding photos, so you can relive that special day all over again? Are you searching for a way to showcase your travel photos in a stunning manner on your blog? Or do you have another reason for creating a gorgeous photo collage timeline? With Timepath, you can create it in no time. In this article, you'll learn how to add your photos to the timeline, what options you have to customize your timeline, and how to embed your photo timeline on your website or blog. Enjoy!

Create a Photo Timeline

Add Photos to Your Timeline with Timepaths' Timeline Maker

Adding a timeline on your website or blog enhances engagement and increases time spent on your page. To make your timeline as appealing as possible, it's wise to add photos at each step. This brings your story to life even more and presents it in a beautiful manner.

At Timepath, we've made creating a photo collage in a timeline as easy as possible for you. Simply add events step by step and fill in the dates. The events will automatically be arranged in chronological order in an interactive timeline. If multiple events occurred on the same day, click on the correct time to maintain the correct sequence in the timeline.

For each event, you can add a photo in Timepath. To do this, go to the event and click on the green image icon in the top left corner. You can then add a photo in three different ways:

  1. Add your own photo to an event in the timeline. Choose the 'Image upload' option. Upload your own photo, use the various options to adjust the photo if desired, and click 'done'. Then click 'save'. Your photo is now added to the event.

  2. Add an online image to an event in the timeline. Choose the 'Image link' option. Copy-paste the image URL and then click 'save'. The photo is now added to your timeline.

  3. Find and add an image to an event in the timeline. Want to quickly find a good photo for an event? Choose the convenient 'Image search' option in Timepath. Enter a search query and choose from the many copyright-free images of Unsplash that are displayed. Creating a photo timeline has never been easier and faster!

You have access to the ‘Image upload’ and ‘Image search’ options in all of our paid plans (one-time or monthly). In our free timeline maker, you can always add photos via the 'Image link' option.

Tip: Ensure You Use Copyright-Free Images

It is important to use copyright-free photos in the timeline to avoid any legal issues related to copyright infringement. By using images that are free from copyright restrictions, you ensure that you have the right to use and share them without any legal implications. 

If you use the ‘Image Search’ option in Timepath, we only display copyright-free images. This means you can choose any photo worry-free about copyright issues. However, if you add a photo yourself via ‘Image Upload’ or ‘Image Link’, ensure that you only use images that are copyright-free. You can find copyright-free images on various stock photo websites such as Unsplash and Pexels.

Customize the Template of Your Photo Collage Timeline

To seamlessly match the design of your timeline with the style of your blog or website, you can customize the template of your photo timeline. Simply click on the 'Customize' button in the left menu. Take a look at all the options available; the possibilities are endless.

How to Create a Photo Timeline Using Timepath | Timepath

Customize the Navigation Bar of Your Photo Timeline

For example, it’s possible to customize the navigation bar in various ways and styles. Consider options such as the position of the navigation bar, the color scheme of the photo timeline, the font color, and the order of the dates (from old to new or from new to old). Click on the eye icon in the top bar to preview how your photo timeline will look.

Embed Your Timeline on Your Website or Blog

As we've mentioned before, we designed Timepath to make creating timelines as easy as possible for you. Once you've created your photo collage timeline and want to embed it on your website or blog, simply follow these 4 simple steps:

  • Step 1: Preview and publish your timeline

  • Step 2: Change your timeline from private to public

  • Step 3: Copy and paste the embed code

  • Step 4: Publish your page

On our page about embedding a timeline, you can find more detailed explanations for each step. Don’t worry, it only takes you a minute or 2. Enjoy adding your photo collage to your content!

Adding Photos Later On? Your Modifications Will Appear after 5 Minutes!

If you want to add or replace a few photos later on, simply make the changes in the editor. Any modifications you make will appear instantly (after 5 minutes) on your photo timeline without any additional steps needed.