The Life of Napoleon

Timeline of Napoleon


Napoleon enters the military

He divided his forces into corps capable of operating independently and then coming together for battle.

Annexation of Belgium

Belgians were furious with the French action and sent numerous petitions to Paris and Dumouriez to revoke the decree. To prevent a counterrevolutionary victory, France annexed Belgium.

Napoleon marries Josephine Pagerie

Napoleon's marriage to Josephine was based on love and passion rather than political gain. However, it was ended for political reasons when it became clear that Josephine was unable to bear an heir. 

Coup of Brumaire

Overthrew the system of government under the Directory in France and substituted the Consulate, making way for the despotism of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Napoleonic Kingdom of Italy

Napoleonic kingdom of Italy November 9, 1799 – June 28, 1815  

overthrowing the Directory (9 November 1799), establishing the French Consulate, and ends during the Hundred Days and his defeat at the Battle of Waterloo (18 June 1815). ... Napoleon brought political stability to a land torn by revolution.

Napoleonic Wars

Napoleonic wars- May 18, 1803 – November 20, 1815, The Napoleonic Wars continued the Wars of the French Revolution. Great Britain and France fought for European supremacy and treated weaker powers heavy-handedly. ... Napoleon Bonaparte seized power in 1799 after overthrowing the French revolutionary government.

Napoleonic Code Enacted

Napoleonic code Enacted on March 21, 1804, the resulting Civil Code of France marked the first major revision and reorganization of laws since the Roman era. The Civil Code (renamed the Code Napoleon in 1807) addressed mainly matters relating to property and families. 

Napoleons first reign

During the time Neapolitan reformed the educational system and developed a civil code the Neapolitan code he also initiated the Napoleonic wars.

Coronation of Napoleon

Coronation of Napoleon December2, 1804 - The new emperor broke with tradition by crowning himself and pronouncing an oath guaranteeing the preservation of the gains of the Revolution.

Concert of Rhines

To increase his control over the German states and definitively destroy the Holy Roman Empire.

Continental System

In the Napoleonic wars, the blockade designed by Napoleon to paralyze Great Britain through the destruction of British commerce.

Napoleon marries Marie - Louise

Shortly before their coronation, there was an incident at the Château de Saint-Cloud that nearly sundered the marriage between the two. Josephine caught Napoleon in the bedroom of her lady-in-waiting, Elisabeth de Vaisey, and Napoleon threatened to divorce her as she had not produced an heir. 

Patriotic War, Russian Campaign, and Second Polish War

patriotic war of 1812/Russian campaign/second polish war 24 June – 14 December 1812; (5 months, The French invasion of Russia, also known as the Russian Campaign, the Second Polish War, the Second Polish Campaign, the Patriotic War of 1812, and the War of 1812, was begun by Napoleon to force Russia back into the Continental blockade of the United Kingdom. 

Battle of Leipzig

The battle included separate armies of Russians, Prussians, Swedes, and Austrians. It started when Napoleon seized the position of Leipzig (important economic center in Germany) This event is considered the biggest battle in the Napoleonic Wars.

Exile to Elba

Napoleon Bonaparte, emperor of France and one of the greatest military leaders in history, abdicates the throne, and, in the Treaty of Fontainebleau, is banished to the Mediterranean island of Elba. 

Escape from Elba

Napoleon managed to sneak past his guards and somehow escape from Elba, slip past interception by a British ship, and return to France. Immediately, people and troops began to rally to the returned Emperor. 

Concert of Vienna

The French government deposed Napoleon from the imperial throne, and only a few days later, Napoleon officially abdicated in favor of his son.

Battle of Waterloo

Started at 11:35 am, Napoleon's forces marched into Belgium, where separate armies of British and Prussian troops were camped, Napoleon defeated the Prussians under the command of Gebhardt Lambrecht von Blucher. However, the French were unable to destroy the Prussian army,

Napoleon is exiled to St. Helena

Napoleon disembarked in St. Napoleon was subsequently exiled to the island of Saint Helena off the coast of Africa. Six years later, he died, most likely of stomach cancer, and in 1840 his body was returned to Paris, where it was interred in the Hotel des Invalides. 

The Concert of Europe

Napoleonic era, the vague consensus among the European monarchies favoring preservation of the territorial and political status.

Napoleons death

Annexation of the Netherlands

Netherlands to annex German territory as compensation for the damages caused by the war.