Lee Dodou

Lee Doudu was born in the Volta Region of Ghana during the late 1950s or early 1960s. Specific details about his date of birth and early life are scarce.

Late Summer 1979 to the early 80s

Lee Dodou left Ghana and traveled to Berlin, Germany, marking the beginning of his international musical journey. He then  joins the group Fire Connection in Berlin and collaborates with them for about two years, gaining valuable experience in the vibrant music scene of Germany.


Lee Dodou became associated with the group "U Know" and later joined the dynamic rhythm section of "Bus Stop", led by compatriot George Darko, which led to a pivotal moment in the development of Burger Highlife as a music genre. Together, they introduced a new subgenre known as "Burger Highlife," which combined traditional highlife sounds with elements of reggae, funk, and soul. With Bus Stop, Dodou contributed his vocals to the recording of the famous "Ako Te Brofo" and "Highlife Time" albums, solidifying his role as one of the pioneers of Burger Highlife.

1984 to the early 90s

Lee Dodou was invited to join Kantata as a vocalist for the group. Kantata recorded several memorable pieces, including "Akpeteshie," "Odo Mpa," "Saworoma," "Akwankwa," "It’s High Time," and "Get involved."

Kantata achieved  significant success and gained recognition internationally, signing with various record labels including Oval Records in London, Safari Ambiance in Paris, Makosa Records in New York, and Pirana Records in Berlin. 

Late 1990s-Present

Lee Dodou embarked on a solo career and played for Big Joes Nakasi Records, which further established his versatility and talent as a musician.

Dodou continued to evolve as an artist, joining bands like Livin' Spirits, the Tikiman band, and the Bubba Jammeh band as a guitarist, showcasing his musical prowess across different genres.

He also focused on his own recordings, exploring new creative avenues and further contributing to the rich history of Ghanaian music.

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