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19 March 1924

Historic Event - Date of Incorporation

TMSA traces its roots back to 1924 when The American Association of Railway Advertising Agency held its first meeting in Chicago, Illinois, marking the beginning of what would later become the Transportation Marketing & Sales Association. From its early focus on the railway sector, TMSA has evolved into a dynamic organization fostering collaboration and innovation in transportation marketing and sales across diverse modes. 


20 August 1924

Start of the American Association of Railway Advertising Agents

From 1924 to 1948, the American Association of Railway Advertising Agents laid the foundation for what is now known as TMSA, shaping its trajectory and evolution into the dynamic organization it has become today.

20 February 1948

ARAM Association of Railroad Advertising Managers

With the onset of deregulation, motor carriers slowly started joining the membership, although the primary focus remained on rail/intermodal transportation.



20 June 1974

Member Fact - Denny Grim Joins 

Denny Grim joined TMSA in 1974 and holds the distinction of being the longest-serving member, contributing valuable experience and insights to the association over the years.


20 February 1980

Historic Event - Deregulation 

In 1980, with the onset of deregulation, motor carriers slowly started joining the membership, although the primary focus remained on rail/intermodal transportation.


16 February 1995

Historic Event - 1st 3PL Joins the Association

In 1995, C. H. Robinson made history as the first pioneering third-party logistics company to join the association, marking the initiation of Brian Everett who was C.H. Robinson’s Director of Marketing at the time. Everett was named the association’s Executive Director in 1998.


13 May 1997

History Event - First Female President 

In 1997, Emily Vaughn made history as the first woman president of the Transportation Marketing and Communications Association (TMCA). As the Midwest Regional Manager at Penton Media, her leadership marked a pivotal moment for gender inclusivity in transportation and marketing. Vaughn's tenure was defined by innovation and collaboration, inspiring future generations of women in the industry. Her presidency at TMCA stands as a testament to breaking barriers and fostering diversity in leadership roles. 



18 May 1998

Historic Event - Brian Everett becomes Executive Director

Brian Everett served as the association’s Executive Director from 1998. In 2009, he took a leave, prompting MindShare to terminate its role as AMC. In August 2014, TMSA rehired Everett as CEO, and MindShare resumed its role as the AMC. We are incredibly grateful for his invaluable contributions to the association throughout the years!

20 May 2011

Became the Transportation Marketing & Sales Association (TMSA)

In 2004, we took a pivotal step forward by establishing committees aimed at better serving our organization and enriching the experience for our members. Over time, these committees have evolved into the backbone of TMSA's operations, driving innovation, collaboration, and excellence across all facets of our organization. Today, they are instrumental in shaping the direction of TMSA and ensuring that we continue to deliver exceptional value to our members through strategic initiatives, insightful programs, and unparalleled industry expertise.

20 November 2021

Historic Event - New TMSA Executive Director 

In 2017, Jennifer Karpus-Romain joined TMSA as an affiliate member. She served on the education and marketing committees and the board of directors before becoming TMSA's Executive Director in 2021.

16 January 2023

Historic Event -  Conference Name Changed to Elevate

In 2023, TMSA's annual conference underwent a significant transformation, reemerging with a fresh identity as "Elevate."

16 May 2023

Historic Event - Launched DEI Taskforce

The DEI Taskforce is designed to help TMSA and its member companies incorporate a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) lens into the framework of their organizations by creating content and training. 

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