Dunwoody Police - History of Corruption

under Police Chief William "Billy" Grogan

Highlighting the history of corruption, misconduct and whistleblower retaliation
inside the Dunwoody Police Department in Dunwoody, GA.

1 April 2009

Dunwoody Police Founded


1 January 2013

Laskowski: Three different lawsuits filed for illegal search & seizure(s)

1 January 2013

Laskowski: Fourth lawsuit involving Laskowski settled, alleged illegal stop

23 March 2015

DOJ: Dunwoody Detective Pleads Guilty To Running Fraudulent Warrant Checks

16 September 2015

Espinoza: Assigned to Lt. over Nightshift Commander


27 July 2016

Grogan: Chief Grogan named as the new President of the G.A.C.P.

17 August 2017

Espinoza: Officer Valente Resigns after bringing sexual harassment claims forward

1 September 2017

Tomalka: GBI Child Exploitation Unit begins  Investigation into Officer Tomalka


30 October 2017

Tomalka: Chief Grogan allows Tomalka to Resign from DPD

  • This occurred after the department was notified of the ongoing investigation. This resignation was not reported to the Georgia Peace Officer Standards & Training Council as Resigned in lieu of Termination, nor, Resigned under Investigation. Thus, it did not negatively impact his police certification.


  • Tomalka was also attached to the Youth "Police Explorers" program prior to his investigation by the GBI's Child Exploitation Unit.

5 July 2018

Public Information Officer: Sergeant Parsons arrested for DUI, #1

31 December 2018

Grogan: Halts Exit Interviews for Officers who resign


1 January 2019

Whistleblower (Halstead): Halstead files Human Resources Complaint

  • Halstead originally filed a Human Resources complaint against various members of the department but allegations were not fully investigated. The leaders mentioned in the complaint for harassment were Espinoza, Lt. Furman & Sgt. Lenahan.

1 January 2019

Espinoza: Assigned to Lt. over Administration & Hiring


21 February 2020

Espinoza: Threatened Halstead to stop filing Open Records Request


9 March 2020

Grogan: Attempts to downplay Espinoza's Threats

  • When Halstead emailed Chief Grogan detailing Lieutenant Espinoza's threats, Chief Grogan strangely reminded Halstead that he "knew" Halstead and Espinoza had been friends.


  • Espinoza's threats were in an effort to try to get Halstead to stop submitting Open Records Requests

28 April 2020

Whistleblower (Handle): Internal Affairs Investigation

  • Handle's complaint was pushed into an IA investigation, only after Handle had been continually targeted at the department with other false policy violations by leadership. This specific complaint came after Handle spoke out on TikTok Live
  • Handle's Attorney denied access by Major Carlson
  • Handle denies all allegations of violating policy and being untruthful
  • Handle mentions harassment by Espinoza and being continually targeted in audio recording
  • Carlson leaves Espinoza completely out of final report

29 April 2020

Espinoza: Chief Grogan receives Notice of Lawsuit

  • Chief Grogan is named in the ante-litem notice, and thus, is a stakeholder/liable in the outcome
  • Grogan also received photographic evidence of Harassment by Espinoza against Officers

6 May 2020

Whistleblower (Handle): Pre-Adverse Action Hearing

  • Handle's attorney ordered by Chief to remain silent during hearing or be removed
  • Handle mentions Harassment and targeting by Espinoza
  • Handle denies violating policy or being untruthful in any way

11 May 2020

Whistleblower (Handle): City fires Handle

  • Cites reasoning as: "violating department policy and for alleged "Untruthfulness"
  • City does not investigate harassment complaints from internal affairs investigation

1 July 2020

Whistleblower (Halstead): Halstead files lawsuit against City for Sexual Harassment, Misconduct, etc.

2 July 2020

Grogan: Grogan releases a 146-page "investigation" into the Harassment Claims, Finds "


  • Chief Grogan conducts the "investigation" himself although he was named as a defendant in the Ante Litem notice prior.
  • Chief Grogan finds "no harassment, threats or coercion"
  • Chief Grogan rules that all fifty allegations were "consensual"

10 July 2020

Whistleblowers (Bolden, Halstead & Handle): 11Alive News Special detailing harassment and corruption airs

20 July 2020

Whistleblower (Castellanos): "Officer of the Year" files Complaint against City for Harassment, Misconduct, etc.

14 October 2020

Grogan: Citizen requests Police Chief to Resign, via letter to Council & Mayor

22 July 2021

Public Information Officer: Sergeant Parsons named as "Supervisor of the Year" by the G.A.C.P.

  • This accolade was granted to Sergeant Parsons while Chief Grogan was still an active member on the Board of Directors of the G.A.C.P.


8 September 2021

Whistleblower (Handle): City v. Handle, Appeal Hearing with Department of Labor & City


15 September 2021

Whistleblower (Handle): City v. Handle, City wins Appeal against Handle


23 September 2021

Whistleblower (Halstead): Halstead v. City, Halstead appeals District Court Decision


  • Court did not rule on the merits of Halstead's accusations.
  • Court ruled that Halstead's legal counsel had incorrectly filed his lawsuit

30 September 2021

Whistleblower (Handle): City v. Handle, Handle files appeal to Board of Review (DOL)


13 October 2021

Pham: Officer arrests mechanic because he took too long to fix wife's vehicle

  • Officer Pham, who was upset by a local mechanic informing him that his wife's vehicle was not fixed yet, threatened to arrest the mechanic.
  • Mechanic called 9-1-1 for help during this incident.
  • Officers arrived ordering Pham to release of the mechanic and calm down.
  • Officer Pham is still working at the Dunwoody Police Deparment today.


25 October 2021

Whistleblower (Handle): City v. Handle, City loses Appeal with Board of Review

  • Decision reversed in Handle's favor

1 January 2022

Whistleblower (Handle): City v. Handle, City files 880pg Judicial Petition

  • Asserts the DOL did not send proper notice to the City for the lower-level hearing
  • Asserts that they did not have time to "prepare" even though they won that lower hearing
  • City only asserted a failure after the decision was reversed in Handle's favor

26 January 2022

Public Information Officer: Parsons arrested for DUI, #2

27 January 2022

Whistleblower (Bolden): Under Investigation for violating Public Criticism policy

2 February 2022

Whistleblower (Bolden): Under Investigation for violating Public Criticism policy

17 February 2022

Whistleblower (Castellanos): Files lawsuit against City

  • Lawsuit is based on the grounds of the original complaint (Harassment & Sexual Misconduct) from 2020, but adds that Castellanos' wife was also a victim 


21 February 2022

Whistleblower (Bolden & Handle): Endorse Whistleblower Legislation at the National Level

24 March 2022

Whistleblower (Bolden): Bolden fired by City

28 March 2022

Grogan: Citizens call on Police Chief Grogan to Resign

20 May 2022

Whistleblower (Handle): Wins back police certification

  • Georgia Peace Officer Standards & Training Council administratively dismisses Dunwoody's claims upon review,tells AJC that certification should never have been lost


30 July 2022

Whistleblower (Halstead): Halstead v. City, 11th Circuit Court

  • Court, again, ruled that Halstead's original legal counsel did not file properly.
  • Court did not rule on merits of case or Halstead's claims.


30 July 2022

Whistleblower (Bolden & Handle): NWC honors Bolden & Handle on National Whistleblower Day

8 March 2023

Whistleblower (Handle): Court grants Judicial Petition, allowing new Hearing for City

  • Courts ruled that the DOL had error in mailing lower-level hearing notice by incorrectly printing an address
  • Court orders the case be remanded for a new Hearing with a Hearing Officer so City may present more evidence against Handle

28 June 2023

Whistleblower (Handle): City v. Handle, New Hearing for Evidence Presentation & Cross-Examination


6 July 2023

Whistleblower (Handle): City v. Handle, Hearing Officer rules in Handle's favor, again


20 July 2023

Whistleblower (Handle): City files fourth appeal against DOL for ruling in Handle's favor 


26 July 2023

Grogan: Chief Grogan named as "Outstanding Chief of the Year" by G.A.C.P.

This award was given to Chief Grogan while he was still an active member of the G.A.C.P. Board of Directors.


30 July 2023

Whistleblower (Handle): Speaks at National Whistleblower Day

Inside the U.S. Senate Building in Washington, D.C., Handle mentioned the corruption at the City of Dunwoody and encouraged whistleblowers of all types to keep fighting.

25 August 2023

Whistleblower (Handle): City v. Handle, City loses fourth appeal

  • Even after the reopened hearing, and another appeal, the City failed to provide any evidence or meaningful testimony that Handle violated vehicle policy or was ever untruthful

1 October 2023

Community Outreach Officer: Officer Stevens posts 'Prank' Arrest Video, making fun of his arrest

31 October 2023

Grogan: Citizen files lawsuit against City for Chief Grogan deleting records

  • Dunwoody Citizen and Journalist, Joe Hirsch, filed the lawsuit.
  • Lawsuit  involves city officials being complicit in the demands of Chief Grogan to erase text messages involving the incident with Officer Pham and the Mechanic.
  • Text messages were proven to exist using the city's celluar service provider logs, but were not handed over in the request.
  • When Hirsch inquired further, he was told there were none. Then, a City-employee whistleblower, inside the Technology Department, informed Hirschthat the text messages did in-fact exist but that Grogan ordered them deleted.


4 November 2023

Community Outreach Officer: Officer Stevens Allowed to Resign from DPD

11 January 2024

Grogan: City announces Chief Grogan's Retirement

31 January 2024

Grogan: Grogan honored by State House of Rep. as man of "Unquestionable Integrity"


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