The Fault in our Stars

By John Green

Description of cover timeline

Hazel goes overand suggests a book for Augustus to read. Augustus reads An Imperial Affliction then they decide to email Peter Van Houten. The emails explains how the want an ending and they want to know what happens next since the book is a cliffhanger.                                                                                          

The author emails back and says there is no ending and he'd be glad to explain an ending in person (inviting them to Amsterdam). Augustus takes Hazel out on a picnic. At the picnic they dicuss leaving fr Amsterdam after he says he could use his Make-a-Wish to get them to Amsterdam.

Hazel wakes up in agony and she cant stop screaming of pain. She goes to the ER and finds out that her lungs werent getting enough oxygen to her lungs causing extreme agony. She is then unable to go to Amsterdam unless all of her doctors say its safe. Hazel is sad but her parents end up suprising her and saying she can go as long as her mom goes with so that she can take care of her. They fly to Amsterdam. Augustus almost misses the flight trying to get Hazel Mcdonald's and on the plane he tells her he loves her but Hazel feels uncomfortable.

 They meet the Authore an he is drunk. They find out that his assistant was the one who emailed back instead of him. They ask him about the book and he keeps talking about something else. He is rude and disrespectful to Hazel causing Augustus to grab Hazel and drag her out of there. His assistant apologizes and invites them to the museum. They go to the Anne Frank Muesuem. Augustus walks into a room and Hazel starts to follow. She walks up to him and they start kissing without realizing people are watching. After they kiss the people watching start to applaud. Augustus and Hazel  go back to the hotel and bang it out. They go to sleep and is gone when she wakes up. The next morning, after having breakfast with his mom, he tells her that his cancer is back and he is so sorry.

  Augustus dies                                                                                                                 Hazel is in lots of emotional pain and doesnt want to go to the funeral. She slips a pack of cigerettes in his coffin. Hazel turns around and sees Peter Van Houten. She gives her eulogy. Peter tells Hazel that the book was about his 6 year old daughter and it was written for his daughter if she had lived to be a teenager. Peter's assistant sends Hazel a letter which happens to be Hazel's eulogy made by Augustus. It says how Hazel is amazing but it also says how he wished she would die before him so that his death wouldnt leave a scar on her.