Sogakope Bridge

The Lower Volta Bridge, also referred to as the Sogakope Bridge, stands as a crucial infrastructure on the N1 highway, linking Aflao to Accra. Spanning a length of 650 meters, this bridge facilitates seamless connectivity between the towns of Sogakope and Sokpoe by traversing the mighty Volta River.

Plans for the Future

Recognizing the need for continued investment in infrastructure, the Ghanaian government has announced plans to construct a new cable-stayed bridge, commonly referred to as the New Volta Bridge. Scheduled to commence in 2021, this ambitious project aims to enhance connectivity and address the evolving transportation needs of the region. By leveraging modern engineering techniques, the New Volta Bridge promises to not only replace the aging infrastructure but also serve as a symbol of progress and development for the communities it connects.


Transportation network

The Lower Volta Bridge stands as a vital link in Ghana's transportation network, facilitating economic activities and social interactions between regions. As plans for the construction of the New Volta Bridge take shape, the legacy of the existing bridge as an emblem of connectivity and resilience will endure, shaping the landscape of Ghana's infrastructure for generations to come.

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