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The Aztec Empire - Mohammed R.

The fall of the Aztec Empire, and Cortes' colonization of the Aztecs.


Montezuma II's Foreboding

Montezuma II and his people were filled with a sense of foreboding. A series of evil omens had foretold of calamities to come. A fiery comet crossed the sky. The temple of Huitzilopochtli, the god of war, burst into flames. The Lake of Mexico boiled and rose. (1517 - 1521 C.E.)

Cortes' Appearance

Cortes expedition enters Mexico. (Feb 20, 1519 - 1521 C.E.)

Gifts "for" Cortes

Cortes is presented with gold and other gifts from Aztec officials.

Malinche (Translator)

Cortes meets Malinche

Cortes' Intimidation

Cortes expedition makes a show of force to intimidate Teudile and his men.

Escape Attempt

Some of Cortes' men decide to steal a ship and return to Cuba. Cortes has them executed and sinks the ships to make it impossible to turn back.

Cortes V. Tlaxcalans

50,000 Tlaxcalans fight the 400 Spaniards and are defeated by the superior Spanish weapons and horses. The Tlaxcalans provide Cortes with 10,000 warriors for his march. (Aug 11, 1519 - Aug 25, 1519 C.E.)

Cholula Ambush Attempt

Cortes continues on to Cholula and massacres the local nobility, because he suspects them of planning an ambush.

City of Dreams

The Spanish enter the city of Tenochtitlan (City of Dreams) to meet Montezuma II. Coincidentally, this day, 1 Wind, is Quetzalcoatl's day, attributed to the whirlwind, when robbers and wizards are supposed to do their worst, robbing and violating.

Imprisionment of Cortes' Men

The Aztecs attack the Spanish and imprison many of Cortes' soldiers.

Montezuma II's Death

Montezuma is killed by the Spanish (or by Aztecs, depending on who you believe.)

Cortes' Desperate Escape

The Aztecs attacked the Spanish and forced them into a desperate escape from Tenochtitlan. More than 600 Spanish conquistadors (some estimates ran to over 1,000) and thousands of Tlaxcalans died trying to run across a narrow bridge. Cortés retreated back to Tlaxcala, barely making it through an enormous Aztec army. The elemental horror of that night has never been forgotten. It is still called "the Night of Tears" (la Noche Triste).

Cortes Retaliates

Cortes attacks Tenochtitlan from three directions at once with 13 new ships. The lake surrounding the city turns red with blood.

Final Battle

15,000 Aztecs die in Cortes' final all-out attack on the city. The new Emperor Cuauhtemoc and his last few supporters are captured by the Spaniards. (May 26, 1521 - Aug 13, 1521 C.E.)