Dwayne Johnson

Timeline of Dwayne Johnson. Overview of his acting career and personal achievements. Dwayne is best known for 'The Rock'. View his complete life in a timeline form.


Championship Victory with the University of Miami

While at the University of Miami, Dwayne Johnson played for the college’s football team. He won a national championship with the Miami Hurricanes of the University of Miami in 1991. 

Championship Victory with the University of Miami
The Shalala Student Center at the University of Miami (Photo by Darkflowertree)

Johnson Plays Canadian Football

Dwayne Johnson skills in the game of football led to him being selected as a player for the Calgary Stampeders in the Canadian Football League. Unfortunately, two months into to the 1995 season, Johnson’s time in the league was cut because of an injury. Nonetheless, Johnson left university with a Bachelor of General Studies in criminology and psychology. 

The Rock Makes His Debut

Dwayne Johnson made his debut appearance in the World Wrestling Federation on March 10, 1996.

Dwayne Johnson Marries Dany Garcia

On May 3, 1997, Dwayne Jonson married Dany Garcia. They had a daughter four years later. Their daughter’s name is Simone Johnson. Unfortunately, the two broke up in 2007. The divorce was made official in May 2008. Johnson then developed a close relationship with Lauren Hashian. She is the daughter of Sib Hashian, the Boston drummer. 

Dwayne Johnson Marries Dany Garcia
Johnson with his ex-wife Dany García in April 2009 (Photo by David Shankbone)

The Rock Joins the Nation of Domination

Dwayne Johnson, who at this point is more popularly known as The Rock, joined the Nation of Domination on August 13, 1997. This group was critical to the attitude era of Raw.

The Rock Makes WWF History

The Rock became the youngest world champion after winning the WWF Championship on October 21, 1998. 

The Rock Wins the Royal Rumble

Dwayne Johnson became very popular in the world of wrestling. On February 25, 2000, the wrestler won the Royal Rumble. It was also around this time that he published his autobiography titled, “The Rock Says…”.

The Rock Wins the Royal Rumble
The Rock as the WWF Champion in 2000 (Wikipedia photo by Nick Noid)

The Rock Stars in His First Movie

After a very successful career in the world of wrestling, the Rock began to avail himself to the world of acting. On September 6, 2002, the renowned wrestler played his first leading acting role in the movie, ‘The Scorpion King’. He then starred in the movie, ‘The Rundown’ on September 24, 2003.

The Rock Leaves the WWE

After finally defeating Steve Austin, the Rock made is way out of the WWE. The Rock had lost to Austin in two previous fights. In this showdown, the Rock ended the match with two “rock bottoms”. This match also proved to be Steve Austin’s final match. The Rock left the WWE to completely focus on his acting career. 

The Rock Leaves the WWE
The Rock defeated Stone Cold Steve Austin (left) in the latter's final match at WrestleMania XIX in March 2003

The Dwayne Johnson Rock Foundation

Dwayne Johnson’s love for philanthropy led him to form a foundation by the name of The Dwayne Johnson Rock Foundation in 2006. The charity focuses on at-risk and terminally ill children.

The Rock Appears on Raw

The Rock hosted WrestleMania XXVII. This was the first Dwayne Johnson was appearing live on Raw in almost seven years. During this event, he started a feud with John Cena.

The Rock Hosts and Produces ‘The Hero’

Dwayne Johnson produced the TNT reality competition series ‘The Hero’ in 2013. He was also the host of the series. He would later host other television series such as ‘Wake Up Call’ and ‘The Titan Games’.

Johnson Plays a Role in ‘Fast and Furious 6’

Dwayne Johnson played a major role in the popular film, ‘Fast & Furious 6’. He plays the role of Luke Hobbs, a leader of a special group of law enforcement officers in the United States. 

Johnson Launches His YouTube Channel

With the help of Lilly Singh, an online personality, Dwayne Johnson started a YouTube channel with the name, “The Rock”. The first video that Johnson released on this platform was “The YouTube Factory” which featured several internet stars. 

Johnson Partners with Under Armour

Dwayne Johnson has come to be known as a huge lover of the gym and overall fitness. His image and athletic history landed him a partnership with the American fitness apparel company Under Armour. Together they released, “Project Rock”. The first item that was made from this partnership was a gym bag. It sold out in a couple of days. Several other items have come from this partnership including sneakers, headphones and other clothing.

Dwayne Johnson Announces Competitive Bodybuilding Show

Dwayne Johnson announced that he will be launching a competitive bodybuilding show in 2020. The show will be called ‘Athleticon’. This project is being executed by Dwayne Johnson and his business partner and ex-wife Dany Garcia. This show is set to bring competition to shows like ‘The Arnold Classic’ and ‘Joe Weider’s ‘Mr. Olympia’. The date that the two announced for the show was October 9-11, 2020. The show is set to take place in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Rock’s Daughter Signs with WWE

It was announced in February 2020 that the Rock’s daughter, Simone had started to train at the WWE Performance Center. This will make her the first fourth-generation WWE superstar. Dwayne Johnson confirmed that his daughter had signed a contract with WWE on May 16, 2020.

Dwayne Johnson and His Family Tests Positive for COVID-19

The superstar announced on Instagram that he and his family had all tested positive for the coronavirus. He stated that he and his family had contracted the virus from family friends. Johnson and his family made a full recovery.

Dwayne participates in super bowl LVI